Course Structure

Evidence Based Medicine, what is it?
What is Critical Appraisal?
How to find papers to answer your question?
How a paper is structured
Different forms of research
Different terminology used to describe research designs
Different categories of evidence
Hierarchy of evidence
Further terminology to be aware of
Statistical methods
Being Aware of Outcomes
Diagnostic studies
Terminology to be aware of in a diagnostic paper
Likelihood ratios and area under the curve
Critical Appraisal of a Diagnostic Study
Therapeutic studies
Treatment effect
Critical Appraisal of a Therapeutic Study
Final Quiz
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[learndash_course_progress] Diagnosis and risk stratification defines what we do in EM the most which leads to diagnostic studies being of huge interest. In an ideal world a test would always identify the disease when it is present and always rule it

[learndash_course_progress] It might sound obvious, but the outcomes that researchers look to prove are hugely important. Thought needs to be given to their significance not just statistically but from a patient orientated point of view. A study will frequently look at several

[learndash_course_progress] Statistics is the science of collecting and analysing numerical data in order to infer meaning from the data. Statisticians exist for a reason, statistics is complicated and attempting to understand the entire breadth of statistics would be unrealistic and near on

[learndash_course_progress] There are frequently used terms when discussing critical appraisal, in this section we run through them which will help when it comes to later discussions and reviews of specific papers. This podcast covers Chance Bias Confounding Internal validity External validity Homogeneous

[learndash_course_progress] As previously mentioned the study type can be placed into a hierarchy of evidence, not quite top trumps style, but a theoretical order or hierarchy that the evidence can be considered to exist in. This order is useful to acknowledge

[learndash_course_progress] People will often quote different forms of research, each have common characteristics and as a result pearls and pitfalls to be aware of. In this section we run through those different forms which will act as a framework to build