Course Structure

Evidence Based Medicine, what is it?
What is Critical Appraisal?
How to find papers to answer your question?
How a paper is structured
Different forms of research
Different terminology used to describe research designs
Different categories of evidence
Hierarchy of evidence
Further terminology to be aware of
Statistical methods
Being Aware of Outcomes
Diagnostic studies
Terminology to be aware of in a diagnostic paper
Likelihood ratios and area under the curve
Critical Appraisal of a Diagnostic Study
Therapeutic studies
Treatment effect
Critical Appraisal of a Therapeutic Study
Final Quiz
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Critical Appraisal Lowdown is an online course created by Simon Laing, Rob Fenwick and James Yates, masterfully assembled by the creative genius of Nigel Taylor. This is the same team behind the 5* iTunes rated medical podcast TheResusRoom, centered on evidence based medicine. The 3 clinicians have a passion for interpreting evidence and translating it into the best possible care for their patients.

This course has been designed to develop clinicians’ understanding of critical appraisal, the proceeds from the course will help to fund the costs of TheResusRoom podcast.

Whilst the main part of the course is paid for there is also a free podcast that poses questions and gives answers to evidence based questions and is available here.

Simon Laing is an Emergency Medicine Consultant in the UK, based at the Bristol Royal Infirmary. He has particular interests in evidence based medicine, resuscitation, FOAM and was formerly the E-learning lead for The Royal College of Emergency Medicine.

Rob Fenwick is an Advanced Care Practitioner at HEFT. Rob has a background in prehospital care and a keen interest in immobilisation, extrication as well as evidenced based medicine.

James Yates is a Specialist Paramedic (Critical Care) with the Great Western Air Ambulance based in Bristol. In his prehospital career James has worked nationally and internationally in a range of clinical and educational roles. He has an interest in education, evidenced based medicine and simulation but would really like to be practicing wilderness medicine in a remote corner of the world…

The technical brains behind the site is Nigel Taylor, web developer, designer and friend, with expertise in making the site what it is. Nigel’s site can be found here.

All information displayed should not be taken as medical advice, is not the view of any employer or associated establishment and is intended to guide the learner to the primary literature itself in order for them to draw their own informed conclusions on the topics.

We hope you enjoy the site.