Course Structure

Evidence Based Medicine, what is it?
What is Critical Appraisal?
How to find papers to answer your question?
How a paper is structured
Different forms of research
Different terminology used to describe research designs
Different categories of evidence
Hierarchy of evidence
Further terminology to be aware of
Statistical methods
Being Aware of Outcomes
Diagnostic studies
Terminology to be aware of in a diagnostic paper
Likelihood ratios and area under the curve
Critical Appraisal of a Diagnostic Study
Therapeutic studies
Treatment effect
Critical Appraisal of a Therapeutic Study
Final Quiz
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An online, podcast centred course in critical appraisal.

The content will enable the user to read, understand and apply appropriate
scientific research appropriately to their patients.

The website contains mcqs to allow you to reflect on the topics covered and assess your knowledge.

Certificates are generated to allow demonstration of CPD completed. The Critical Appraisal Lowdown has been developed by Simon Laing (Emergency Medicine Consultant), Rob Fenwick (Advanced Clinical Practitioner) and James Yates (Critical Care Paramedic). These three clinicians have a common background in Emergency Care, a passion for evidence based medicine and its application in their practice, along with an extensive experience in podcasting with which holds a 5* iTunes rating.

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