Course Structure

Evidence Based Medicine, what is it?
What is Critical Appraisal?
How to find papers to answer your question?
How a paper is structured
Different forms of research
Different terminology used to describe research designs
Different categories of evidence
Hierarchy of evidence
Further terminology to be aware of
Statistical methods
Being Aware of Outcomes
Diagnostic studies
Terminology to be aware of in a diagnostic paper
Likelihood ratios and area under the curve
Critical Appraisal of a Diagnostic Study
Therapeutic studies
Treatment effect
Critical Appraisal of a Therapeutic Study
Final Quiz
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[learndash_course_progress] At its heart, critical appraisal is the ability to review articles on evidence based medicine & evaluate their internal validity and then external validity. There is no absolute in critical appraisal and different people will hold valid different opinions on research,

[learndash_course_progress] Evidence-based medicine (EBM) optimises decision-making via utilisation of evidence from well-designed and well-conducted research, meaning we need to be able to appreciate good, and therefore bad research! Just because it is printed, it doesn’t mean that it’s good evidence! This podcast covers An introduction to EBM Examples